‘The Secret’ for all of you.

June, 26, 2008

Hello everyone reading beyond just the title of this blog. You have found ‘secret’ to find the Gennie of you life, who is going to grant every wish you have and want.

Ok let’s get to the point. I’ve been reading ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and its really amazing. have you ever felt so strongly about yourself doing one particular/many things something wrong all the time and you actually have proof. Like for some people they keep tripping all the time and say ‘hey i trip all the time’. well you know what is that?, that’s the power of thought and believe. We think, believe and it happens.

So here are few tips from the book that will help you achieve everything you want in life:

1. Think what you want, only and always positive. No place for ‘I don’t like/want’ thoughts.

2. The universe has a force of attraction, everything thing you think, it attracts it to you.

3. The universe is you Gennie.

4. You have to ask your Gennie for what you want, receive it and believe that it is yours even before it is true.

5. Receiving is saying ‘I am receiving (you wish) now’

6. believing in what you have wished for means – you have to feel what you would feel once your wish comes true.  try to think that your wish is fulfilled and generate that feeling as often as possible.

3. your feelings reflect you thoughts.

7.If you are feeling bad – then you are sending negative thoughts to the Gennie, which will bring you back more situations to generate negative thoughts.

8. If you are feeling good – then you are sending positive thought to the Gennie and he will bring more ways to make you feel good.

9. learn to shift from feeling bad to good.

10. make a list of thoughts/memories/hobbies anything that instantly make you feel good.

11. Every time you are feeling bad, look at the list and hold onto the feeling it brings( good).

12. believe that you have received, learn to feel what you granted wish will make you feel and keep that feeling coming to you often.

13. no time limit for this secret. the stronger the believe and feeling( that your wish is already true) the faster the Gennie delivery your wishes. 🙂

14. Example: people trying to loose weight; don’t focus on ‘loosing weight’ that will simply bring more situations for you where you have to try to loose weight and that’s why diets don’t work at all. you believe that until you follow diet you are slim and when you leave it you become fat. Instead believe that ‘you aer slim and ask for a ideal weight you want’ receiveyou ideal weight,and then simply believe that your ideal weight is yours.

15. the secret, sometimes leads us to work on the wishes, sometime opens opportunities to reach the wishes and sometimes effortlessly brings them to us. how it differentiates is the Gennie’s work. all you have to do is : ask, receive and believe.

TRY IT .. maybe with something small.. could be anything… it will make you believe in truth of ‘the secret’. 🙂



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